Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hottest Tattoo Quotes Designs For 2010

The Hottest Tattoo Quotes Designs For 2010The year has just started but obviously one of the biggest trends in tattoo designs is going to be word, literary and written tattoos of popular and cool quotes or sayings. There are many different names for these styles of tattoos but essential they all feature one major growing trend in tattoo designs and that is the trend of the written word.

The Hottest Tattoo Quotes Designs For 2010Word Tattoo History

Of course word tattoos have always been around. A tattoo that features some lettering artwork is often less expensive and pretty easily done and therefore it has always been a pretty popular option. However, words were typically used as an embellishment to the main course so to speak. In other words (pun intended) the graphic artwork of the tattoo design always took the center stage in the past. The only real exception to this rule was a memorial or gang related design. Other than those two usually the words were simply to convey the meaning of the picture or the design of the tattoo and the words were never really thought of as the design itself.

The Hottest Tattoo Quotes Designs For 2010Popular Locations For Women

This trend has been picked up by men and women alike. Just as many women are getting their tattoo quotes as men. Some of the more popular locations for women to get such designs are a bit different than men.

Ankle - The ankle is a pretty small canvas for a tattoo and therefore lends itself to smaller and cute female tattoo designs such as words. Also they can naturally curve around the ankle making a beautiful and ornate looking bracelet yet one with deep and rich meaning.


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