Sunday, June 26, 2011

Popular Tattoo Designs for Girls

Popular Tattoo Designs for GirlsWhat is the hottest tattoo design for a girl? This is a tricky question and I'll explain a little about why. One thing is that girls have many different body types and that will play into how the tattoo will look. Also you have to take into account the individual style of the person, one person may like feminine designs and another may like more something more masculine.

This being said there are some designs that are more popular than others. Some of these being floral or flower designs, anime, Japanese tattoos, traditional American and even Hindu/Indian tattoos.

You should watch out for "trendy" tattoos. If you decide on a tattoo that is trendy or a fad, you may find that that it is not fashionable or that you do not like the tattoo after a while. This is especially troublesome with a tattoo because you are going to have it for the rest of your life. Instead, you want to pick something that will have lasting meaning for you.


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