Friday, June 24, 2011

Gallery of Dragon Tattoo Designs - Beastly Tattoos

Gallery of Dragon Tattoo Designs - Beastly TattoosA gallery of dragon tattoo designs would be needed if you wanted to make a unique dragon tattoo design. In order to make a unique tattoo design, you can take parts from different tattoo designs and make one that is unique to you.

Gallery of Dragon Tattoo Designs - Beastly TattoosThe symbolism of dragons has changed over the years. When you first thought about dragons, they invoked a feeling of fear. There was this giant, menacing, beast that was guarding a treasure and would eat or burn up anything that tried to get close. Through video games we learned to fear them and also how to destroy these creatures.

Now these mythical creatures have somewhat softened. Instead of fear, they can invoke a feeling of loyalty and protection. They are still guarding the treasure but they can have a good side.

Dragon tattoo symbolism has changed as well. A gallery of dragon tattoo designs can show a wide range of depictions. They can range from dark, fierce creatures to beautiful, colorful and majestic works of art. Many people incorporate dragon features into their body parts. You can have a dragon tail wrapping around an arm. The wings of a dragon can spread out over a shoulder.


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